The best CPU deals for September 2022

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The central processing unit, the CPU, is one of the most important pieces of any computer build. It is the brain of your PC, and it is often one of the more expensive pieces as well. You could pay several hundred for an advanced one, and if you’re a gamer or you’re building a PC for creative uses then you can expect to fork over quite a chunk of change there. That’s okay because I think most people would agree the investment is worth it if it means a better overall performance. However, there’s no reason to go broke for the sake of your computer. 

We cover a lot of information on CPUs here. We’ve even got details on the best CPUs based on the graphics card you’re using like the best CPU for the Nvidia RTX 3070 or the best cooler for the CPU you have. Once you’ve found the deal price for the CPU you want in this roundup, be sure to check out the best ways to use your new component. While you’re at it, find a GPU on sale that fits your build. 

Best Intel CPU deals:

Best AMD CPU deals:

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