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EVGA cuts long-term GPU partnership with NVIDIA citing disrespectful treatment

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What you need to know

  • EVGA has shared a lengthy partnership with NVIDIA to manufacture its graphics cards but has now cut ties with the GPU giant, citing disrespectful treatment.
  • They plan to fulfill sales of their current range of graphics cards but will not expand any further with NVIDIA, halting GPU production completely.
  • EVGA has no intention of selling its business and claims employees will be taken care of.

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EVGA, the long-time partner of NVIDIA, has cut ties with the GPU giant. Breaking the shocking news alongside tech YouTuber JayzTwoCents, GamersNexus shared details from EVGA in a lengthy video as they cite disrespectful treatment and a lack of respect from NVIDIA as the primary reason for the split.

They plan to completely halt the production of graphics cards but will fulfill the current range and honor customer warranties. Although EVGA has no intentions of shutting its business down, they seemingly have no plans to partner with competitors AMD or Intel either, shutting its GPU range down entirely.

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