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Announcing updates to Azure Space, as we work with our growing ecosystem

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Announcing updates to Azure Space, as we work with our growing ecosystem of partners to provide low latency access to the cloud from anywhere.

First up, Azure Orbital Cloud Access is now available in private preview for Azure Government customers. Using a prioritized network provided by SpaceX’s Starlink connectivity and Azure Edge devices, customers get low-latency access to the cloud from anywhere on the planet that Starlink operates.

This technology helped us enable new scenarios for customers, including the Wildland Fire Information Technology (WFIT) group at the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC). Working with them, we conducted a test of our Azure Orbital Cloud Access capabilities with the goal of equipping firefighters with uninterrupted connectivity in remote locations to their wildfire response management solution in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

We also partnered with Pegatron and SES Satellites to explore a scenario that brings together the power of 5G and space in natural disaster scenarios that may compromise communications infrastructure to equip the Hsinchu City Fire Department in Taiwan with connectivity resiliency.

Next, alongside our partner network that includes KSAT – Kongsberg Satellite Services, our fully managed Ground Station as-a-Service, Azure Orbital Ground Station, is now generally available to all customers. This gives customers such as Pixxel, Muon Space, and Loft Orbital the ability to operate their satellites with Azure while reducing costs and ensuring data is available in their Azure tenant for further processing. 
Lastly, we are continuing digital transformation efforts by creating elasticity and minimizing costs for satellite operators thanks to our virtualized satellite communication networks and expanded updates from ST Engineering iDirect and SES. 

You can read the full details with the latest news in my Azure blog post:

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