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Microsoft makes it easier to sign documents during Teams meetings

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft created a sample app for Teams that allows people to sign documents during meetings.
  • As it is a sample app, it can be adapted by organizations to fit different workflows, such as requiring specific types of signatures.
  • The app is currently limited to desktop clients of Teams, but mobile and web versions are on the way.

With meetings shifting toward hybrid and remote environments, the ability to sign documents from anywhere is increasingly important. Microsoft has created a sample app for Teams to help meet the need for remote signing. The application lets users add a document to a meeting for attendees to sign, such as a purchase agreement, invoice, or NDA.

The sample app was made by Teams Ecosystem Engineering as a proof of concept with the aim of independent software vendors (ISVs) or other customers implementing it. The entire project is available and documented on GitHub, which should help organizations that would like to use it within meetings.

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