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Is Rocksmith+ for PC worth the subscription cost?

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In 2011, Ubisoft paved a bold, innovative trail in the rhythm game genre with the release of Rocksmith on Xbox 360 and PS3. Instead of simulated instruments and button-based patterns like Guitar Hero or Rock Band, this compelling musical endeavor empowered players to pick up a guitar and actually learn the songs. As a long-time musician, I adored the ambitious efforts and undeniable potential of the original Rocksmith.  

To ensure this fascinating formula stayed playable on modern machines, Ubisoft remastered and re-released Rocksmith on Xbox One, PS4, and PC in 2014. While the updated version included new songs and enhanced learning tools, the fundamental experience remained essentially identical to its predecessor. Fans of the inaugural entry appreciated the ability to shred on their preferred platform, but Rocksmith Remastered didn’t pack the same groundbreaking punch.  

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