New Halo Infinite weapon leaked, possibly return of DMR

New Halo Infinite weapon leaked, possibly return of DMR

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What you need to know

  • Halo Infinite features a vast arsenal of weapons across the UNSC, Banished, Covenant, and Forerunners.
  • However, there are still countless weapons from the Halo franchise that aren’t in the newest entry.
  • A recent Halo Infinite leak suggests that a new gun could be coming in the form of the “M392 Bandit.”
  • This weapon is likely an updated version of the UNSC DMR, which should fit in with the Battle Rifle and Commando.

Halo Infinite represents the next generation of Halo gaming, and features a semi-open world campaign and a constantly-evolving free-to-play multiplayer. The game already includes an impressive arsenal of weaponry from a variety of factions, but there are plenty of guns from past Halo entries that don’t make an appearance in the latest title. A recent leak suggests this could change in the future.

A tweet from an account well-known for discussing Halo leaks and rumors shows a new gun listed as an option in the Custom Game Mode Editor for Halo Infinite. The mysterious “M392 Bandit,” which doesn’t yet appear in the game (at least on our end), is most likely an updated rendition of Halo’s DMR, a powerful, semi-automatic marksman’s rifle that first debuted in Halo: Reach. The model number is a perfect fit, although the “Bandit” moniker is new, and joins other Halo Infinite guns with unique sub-names like the Sidekick and Commando.

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