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Two sisters create a startup that puts sustainability into global supply chains

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“Every company will need to demonstrate their sustainability impact in the next few years,” adds Vowels. “Not only will they be looking at the way they’re working, but they’ll also be looking at the actions their suppliers are taking and whether those align with their own. The opportunity is big, our platform is ready, and we’re excited to scale.”

Working with a sibling isn’t for everyone, but Vowels and Atkins have made it work for them. They realized early on that the “unfiltered” candidness between siblings allowed them to bypass a lot of the “niceties” that other co-founders might have to grapple with.

As sisters, they already had a handle on each other’s personalities and temperaments, as well as their triggers and limits. As they got to know each other professionally, they developed a newfound respect for what the other brings to the table.

Based in Sydney, Atkins oversees product development as well as marketing and business development in Australia. Vowels, based in Singapore, takes care of operations, finance, data and business development in Asia.

“When it comes to strengths, we’re polar opposites – that makes us complementary,” Vowels explains. Atkins adds, “we naturally gravitated toward our roles based on our strengths – and it’s working out well.”

To make their idea come to life they searched for dependable tools and systems. From the get-go, Microsoft Azure has been their cloud of choice. Similarly, Microsoft AI and machine learning  software have been instrumental to structuring data and establishing the data relationships to accommodate increasingly complex requirements as their company grows.

Above: A screenshot of a givvable dashboard.

Reports are sent to clients via Microsoft Power BI to provide familiarity and peace of mind. “Using a product like Power BI means that the foundations are set. Our customers are confident about using these products, especially when it comes to security,” says Vowels. “Since our customers are already Power BI users, they can set up quickly and navigate their reports without needing to upskill or figure out a new software. This seamlessness has been instrumental.”

Two years into their givvable journey there is much to be proud of. As Atkins says, “We’ve stayed on course because we’re passionate about the problem we’re trying to solve. It’s why we’ve been able to overcome the challenges that have come our way.”

Vowels, smiling, adds, “And we’ve surrounded ourselves with some incredible people.”

TOP IMAGE: Solar panels on a distribution warehouse roof. Photo: Getty.

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