Best PSU for Intel Core i7-12700K in 2022

Best PSU for Intel Core i7-12700K in 2022

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PSU for Intel Core i7-12700K
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The 12th Gen Alder Lake processors from Intel are more powerful than ever, with the Core i7-12700K capable of hitting 5GHz. This high-performance CPU means a higher power draw, with a TDP of 125W base power and 190W max, so you’ll need a proper power supply to keep up. Not to worry, because we’ve found the best PSU for Intel Core i7-12700K processors to keep the juices flowing.

Best overall:
EVGA SuperNOVA P2 650W

Staff pick

EVGA’s SuperNOVA P2 has a comfortable 650W of 80 Plus Platinum power. For the perfect all-rounder, it’s the best PSU for Intel Core i7-12700K CPUs, topping our list for the best PSU for a gaming PC with a super-quiet 140mm fan.

$140 at Amazon

Corsair RMx (2021) 650W

Fully modular:
Corsair RM650x (2021) 650W

Corsair offers a fantastic, fully modular alternative in the RM650x with 650W of power at an 80 Plus Gold efficiency rating. Only connect what you need and enjoy a tidy case, with the 135mm fan running nice and quiet.

$100 at Amazon



The EVGA BQ is a semi-modular ATX PSU, with only the critical power cables permanently attached. For the lower price, it loses practically nothing in functionality. The 140mm fan is quiet, with a slightly lower overall 80 Plus Bronze energy rating.

$80 at Amazon

SeaSonic S12III 650W

SeaSonic S12III 650W

The SeaSonic S12III offers its super-quiet 120mm fan and 80 Plus Bronze 650W power rating as a trade for being non-modular. It means the need for more cable management, but some careful storage behind your motherboard still looks tidy when done right.

$68 at Amazon

Thermaltake Smart 500W

Best budget:
Thermaltake Smart 600W

For the Intel Core i7-12700K CPU, I’d recommend going no lower than a 600W PSU. The Thermaltake Smart power supplies are super cheap but reliable, even if the non-modular design means more cables to manage. Great on a budget and not too expensive to replace later.

$39 at Amazon

be quiet! Dark Power 12

Best premium:
be quiet! Dark Power Pro 12 1200W

If you plan to pair the i7 Alder Lake chip with a high-end GPU, you’ll need a high-performance PSU like the be quiet! Dark Power Pro 12. Incredible 1200W power rated at 80 Plus Titanium efficiency makes this the ultimate power supply for an enthusiast i7-12700K build.

$400 at Amazon

Choosing the best PSU for Intel Core i7-12700K

Finding the right PC components for a compatible build means considering the combined power requirement. The 12th Gen Intel Core i7-12700K has a TDP (thermal design power) rating of 125W base and 190W max, so creeping close to 200W on the CPU alone means taking a close look at your remaining hardware. Power supplies around the 650W mark are perfect for most modern builds, with the EVGA SuperNOVA P2 coming out on top in our best PSU for a gaming PC roundup and well suited here for the Core i7-12700K CPU.

Dropping any lower than 600W isn’t recommended unless you’re sticking to the onboard Intel UHD Graphics 770 GPU included with the i7-12700K, so the Thermaltake Smart is our choice for a budget PSU that’s easy enough to upgrade later. On the other hand, if you go all-out with a high-end graphics card and push the limits of PC gaming, you’ll need a premium PSU like the be quiet! Dark Power Pro 12, ready for 1200W of efficient power output. It’s the best PSU for Intel Core i7-12700K processors paired with high-end components.

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