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Recently, some netizens shared an NVIDIA CMP 170HX mining card in the forum on the other side. According to the name, it can provide a computing power close to 170MH/s.

The CMP 170HX mining card seems to be made by NVIDIA itself. It is different from the previous 30HX, 40HX, 50HX, and 90HX delivered to cooperative manufacturers. The shape of the card is similar to the A100 accelerated computing card. It uses passive cooling and occupies 2 slots without display. The output and power supply part is a bit strange. It is not two PCIe 8pins, but CPU 8pins. Most of them should be used through switching.

GPU-Z can already recognize most specifications, which should be roughly the same as the official specifications. The GPU core only shows the 20C2 number, and there are 4480 CUDA processors, which is less than the 4864 of the RTX 3060 Ti. CMP 170HX may be castrated by the A100, or it may be a seriously flawed A100 remake. Anyway, it is more profitable to make it into a mining card.

The memory part uses HBM2e. The original A100 is configured with 40 and 80GB, while the CMP 170HX is only 8GB. The bandwidth is still 4096bit and the bandwidth is as high as 1.5TB/s. The core clock is 1140MHz, Boost 1410MHz.

It is also worth mentioning that the CMP 170HX is locked in PCIe 1.1 x4, so probably it can only be used for mining. It should be impossible to change it to a computing card.

The ETH mining performance of the 170HX mining card is about 164MH/s and the power consumption is 250W, but the core frequency is sensitive to temperature, and the frequency will be reduced if it exceeds 70 degrees.

If the power consumption is limited to 190W, the computing power will drop to 158MH/s, the loss is not large, but the energy efficiency ratio is 27% higher, which is more power-saving. In addition, the memory part cannot be overclocked, so optimization can only reduce the power consumption limit.

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